FarRed Channel
Fullspectrum with 3 Channels (VEG - BLOOM - IR)
Max Efficiency with Samsung & Osram LEDs + Meanwell Driver

Jacks 1m² Killer 
LED Grow Light Series

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Jack Shenzibin - Finest Asia LED Grow Lights

The best from the Far East with German support!

With years of experience in the LED horticulture market, Jack Shezibin works with many Asian manufacturers to underpin why many well-known manufacturers produce in the Far East. Where the sun goes down and the LEDs are manufactured, there are completely manufactured, high-quality LED grow lights without a lot of frills and frills in marketing - but full of functions and state-of-the-art.

Jack Shenzibin has made it his business to bring you the best Asian crackers - we start with that - Jacks 1m² Killer LED Grow Light #3C - the name is program! Perfect in conjunction with Jacks Suntimer for all possible light scenarios.

Jacks Suntimer

Control your Killer LED Grow Light channels when and how you want!
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